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Equipment Support


Our Engineers and technicians work together to diagnose and repair your equipment to ensure you are satisfied and it is working per design. We offer preventative maintenance of the TCI incinerator, combustor and flame arrestor service on all client site locations. Our mobile service trucks come fully equipped to do every job needed on site.

If your incinerator, enclosed combustor or BMS system stops operating, we would be happy to come help get it back up and running.

Benefits of Equipment Servicing:

  • The incinerator will continue to work properly
  • The equipment is maintained to meet changing regulations
  • Equipment downtime is decreased, and major repairs are reduced (routine repairs prevent large scale repairs)
  • The equipment has a longer life expectancy
  • This ensures that client site safety and the quality of the combustion is maintained
  • Routine servicing is more economical, as there are no unforeseen crashes and equipment downtime that will result in larger repairs, overtime costs (clients workers), loss of production time caused by breakdown in the equipment. The servicing and downtime can be planned as suits the client operation.

How often should the equipment be serviced:

  • TCI equipment should be serviced every 6 months.
  • Flame arresters should be cleaned and recertified every year

Service Options

  • Equipment Inspection
  • Clean Waste Lines & Burners
  • Repair or Replace Parts
  • Modify Equipment
  • Adjust Control for Optimal Performance
  • Relocate Equipment
  • Field Operation Training

Total combustion Inc. (TCI) is committed to the performance of all our incineration products through out the equipment life cycle. Should you have any questions with regards to safety, operation & servicing of your TCI waste gas combustion unit, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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