Burn Your Waste Gas With 99.9% Carbon Conversion Efficiency

Buy incinerators that are far more effective (and clean) than traditional flaring

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  • 15+ year product lifespan
  • No smoke, odor, or visible flame
  • Multiple inlet valves for variable flow
  • Purchase applications include: tank vapors, gas storage, dehydrator vapor, separator gas, casing gas, BTEX vapors, pipeline pigging stations, tanker loading stations.

Enclosed Flame, No Emissions, Full Compliance

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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s crucial to chat with the area rep about your specific needs so we can correctly size the right unit for your site.

That said, here are some common questions and the (general) answers:

What is the lead time to build?

It could take anywhere from 6-12 weeks after you approve the drawings of the unit (depending on the size you need).

How does the incinerator system work?

Your waste gas goes through the manifold to the unit. The gas is then burned on the base of the unit and then more gas is sent to the rings of the unit and so the gas is burned all the way to the top of the stack. The burners are designed to be premixing burners to make sure air is premixed with the waste gas before its burned. The manifolds can be split and the unit can be semi automated to adapt to variable flow rates. With low pressure applications, venturi drives are added to the base burners to enhance/encourage combustion and eliminate back flash.

How much does a unit cost?

The units range anywhere from $15,000 CAD to $295,000 CAD. This would change based on the application (eg. sour gas needs a different manifold, which costs more than sweet gas).

Can the incinerator burn “X” type of gas?

TCI has several incinerator styles. The Amine unit handle inert gas applications (i.e less than 40% methane, ethane, propane, butane). The regular unit can handle burnable (high in methane – over 40%) and rich gas (40 plus percent of propane, butane, etc). The rental units currently handle less than 1% H2S waste gas, burnable and rich gas (over 40% c1- c4). The purchased incinerators can handle up to 20% H2S.

Can the incinerator burn “X” amount of gas?

Nominal capacities of each unit on the purchase side is 7.2 mscfd (0.2 e3m3/day) – 3800 mscfd (110 e3m3/day) based on pure methane going through the unit, but the actual gas capacity would depend on the type of gas.

What pressure can the incinerator handle?

That depends on the type of unit. Amine style can handle low pressure – under 4 oz/in2. Regular units can handle pressure of – 4 oz/in2 and above.

Where are you located & how long have you been in business?

TCI Incinerators has been in business since 1998.

Our manufacturing facility and head office is in Red Deer, Alberta.

We also have field offices in Calgary (AB), Grande Prairie (AB) and Weyburn (SK).