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Perpetual Energy Case Study

Effective Destruction of Casing Gas emissions

Alberta regulates methane emissions, from any part of a facility, well or gas plant. Perpetual Energy Inc has casing gas that comes from their heavy oil wells. Typically, this gas is vented but Perpetual Energy Inc was looking for an environmentally friendly viable option for facilities and gas plants.

Typically, casing gas is vented if the amount of casing gas produced by a heavy oil well or wells exceeds the amount of fuel gas required to run the oil battery. Economic evaluation does not support the tie-in of casing gas to nearby gas gathering systems, or other conservation options. Technologies to mitigate flaring issues can often be costly and ineffective.


Perpetual Energy is a Canadian energy producer with a diversified asset portfolio focused on creating both short and long-term value through oil and gas-based exploration, development, production and marketing.

Perpetual Energy Inc. is dedicated to being the most efficient finder and exploiter of opportunities, to being highly profitable while optimizing value at every level, to being safe and environmentally responsible.


Perpetual Energy Inc needed a solution for the casing gas emissions from their heavy oil well. Perpetual wanted a solution to handle the excess casing gas being vented at their oil battery. The excess casing gas could not be fully utilized as fuel gas for the oil battery.


TCI provided a unit that had been third party tested to ensure over 99.8% combustion efficiency, had met regulatory requirements and had acceptance from the neighboring residences. We collected our client’s waste gas composition, flow rate, pressure, gas temperature and above sea level elevation, to determine the best efficiency.


  • The TCI unit met and exceeded the Alberta regulations.
  • The TCI unit was easy to install and use.
  • The TCI unit provided clean combustion, to reduce the GHG emissions by 1770 tonne CO2e/day i.e., with greater than 99% combustion efficiency.
  • The TCI unit provided a safe environment for workers on site, as it completely removed harmful pollutants.


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