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H2S Destruction Case Study

Effective Destruction of H2S emissions at truck loading / off-loading facility

Alberta has strict regulations on the dispersion of H2S gas. Environmentally friendly incineration of H2S gas is a viable option for facilities and gas plants. We helped to solve these challenges at our client’s northern Alberta facility.


Our client is the owner and operator of mature, conventional light oil assets in the western sedimentary basin. Our client is dedicated to best in class safe, productive, and efficient levels in their sites.


Our client needed a solution for the mixture of acid vapors from the truck loading station from their facility. Our client had a vapor recovery line of the road trucks and every time the truck pulled in for loading crude oil, they wanted a solution to handle a truck full of vapor that was displaced when the truck was loaded with crude oil, but the mixture was explosive, i.e., the air content in the mixture was high.


TCI determined the best efficient, easy to use and AER compliant solution. TCI put a thermocouple at the top of the stack to record the stack top temperature. The thermocouple was linked to specialty burners that introduces fuel gas into the stack should the temperature ever drop below 600 deg C. This incinerator achieved a combustion efficiency of >99%, maintaining regulatory compliance and neighborhood acceptance.


  • TCI unit provided the complete combustion of the H2S gas.
  • The TCI unit met and exceeded the Alberta regulations on SO2 dispersion.
  • The TCI unit was fully automated and easy to install and use.
  • The TCI unit provided clean combustion, i.e., greater than 99% combustion efficiency.
  • TCI units provided a safe environment for workers on site, as it completely removed harmful pollutants.


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