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About Us

TCI USA Inc is a privately owned oilfield service company, selling and renting patented combustion equipment for the purpose of efficiently combusting waste gas.

  • Our products boast a 15 year lifespan
  • Effectively combust sweet or sour waste gas
  • Used by over 300 companies in Canada, USA and Internationally

We are the industry’s first choice for highly efficient and cost effective combustion equipment.

We have sold Enclosed Combustion units all over the world, ranging from British Columbia, California, Venezuela, Cuba, France and New Zealand.

Our TCI USA operation is based out of Colorado and able to service the entire country. In addition to our USA operations, we have a Canadian operation which dispatches out of our Red Deer manufacturing facility.

All of our products are strictly manufactured to comply with current industry codes and standards; as well as third party tested to ensure compliance with noise, radiant heat and combustion efficiency guidelines.


8026 S Quince Way
Centennial, Colorado, USA