"Engineered Solutions For Combusting Waste Gas"

Quick benefits: 
  • Best Available Control Technology (B.A.C.T) for volatile organic compounds (VOCs), 
  • Exceeds MACT HH, (40 CFR 63.771 (d)) control device requirements,  
  • 40 CFR 60.18, and NSPS OOOO "Combustion Device" compliant,
  • Inlet capacity from 1 mscf/d to 5 mmscf/d, 
  • Low inlet pressure (ounces - psi), variable rates our specialty,
  • Enclosed, smokeless, quiet, combustion, 
  • Light weight, 
  • No refractory brick, no thermal shock concerns, no high temperature shut down,
  • Skid, post, or trailer mounted, 
  • Natural draft, no blowers, no electricity required,
  • Wide turn down ratio (pilot gas to maximum design rate), 
  • Low make up fuel, 
  • > 98% VOC destruction, 
  • > 1,500F combustion temperature, 
  • Can accept multiple pressure streams, 
  • Emergency shut down / blow down capability, 
  • Designed for sour (H2S) service,
  • Electronic or manual pilot ignition,
  • Supplemental fuel added in burner tubes as necessary.

TCI Model 1200 Plus 
Post mounted
Rifle, Colorado
(pictured in operation)
Industrial Applications:
Crude oil and condensate tank, flash, working and breathing VOC control.
Gas well flow back (NSPS OOOO)
Natural gas dehydration, triethylene glycol reboiler still vapor VOC and BTEX control.
Pig receiver flash gas combustion.
Amine waste gas incineration.
Well or pipeline blowdown incineration, (quiet operation)
Gasoline tank farm, barge, rail tank car, or truck load out, VOC control.
Casing head gas combustion.
Just about any other methane, VOC or H2S containing stream.
Distributed in the USA by: 
Thomas P. Mark LLC  
Tom Mark: 303-949-7214
TCI Model 1200 
Rangely, Colorado
(pictured in operation)
Looking up stack
Looking up stack
Trailer & skid mounted rental units available 
for confidential & quiet well testing
TCI Model 500
Skid mounted Alberta, Canada
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TCI Model 1200 
Installation, green venturi body burners looking up, stack in the background
TCI Model 1200
Note red Kimray overpressure valve, green venturi ring burners, valves to open burners,
        Enclosed Hydrocarbon Waste Gas Combustor
Typical gas plant installation
100 bbl condensate tank in foreground
hydrocarbon vapors routed to a liquid knock out tank,
flare line running slightly upslope to the TCI Model 1200 enclosed combustor in the background 
Westwater, Utah

Trailer mounted TCI Model 2000 
Available for short/long term rentals,  
capacity 140 mscf/d at 0.5 psig
Rio Blanco County, Colorado
Try before you buy.
TCI Model 4000 
Bottom half in the shop prior to shipping
Capacity: 0 - 400 mscf/d at 0.5 psig
One of 70 units heading to the Jonah Field, Wyoming
TCI Model 4800 
Dual inlet capacity: 0 - 1.6 mmscf/d 
Ragged Mountain, Colorado
(pictured in operation)
TCI Model 4000 
Capacity: 0 - 400 mscf/d at 0.5 psig
Jonah Field, Wyoming
(pictured in operation)
Dual Stack Rental 
well test trailers
capacity of ~ 3 mmscf/d 
TCI Model 4000 
Capacity: 0 - 400 mscf/d at 0.5 psig
Boulder, Wyoming
(pictured in operation)
TCI Model 10000 Rental Skid
Capacity 100 mscf/d - 5 mmscf/d
Picture shows operation at 5 mmscf/d, (much quieter than the pump trucks)
When you do not want the neighbors to see or hear your flare, give us a call.
TCI Model 3000 
Rio Blanco County, Colorado 
Dual vapor inlet
High pressure high volume inlet on left, 
Low pressure low volume inlet on right
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Trailer mounted TCI Model 4000 
Available for short/long term rentals
Single inlet capacity: 0 - 500 mscf/d @ 15 psig
or ~ 300 mscf/d at 10 oz/inch sq.
Skid mounted TCI Model 4000 
Available for short/long term rentals
Single inlet capacity: 0 - 750 mscf/day at 15 psig
or ~ 500 mscf/d at 10 oz/sq inch
TCI 10000 providing effective short term VOC destruction solutions, no pre heat required.
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Skid Mounted TCI 6000 Rental Unit
capacity 10 mscf/d - 3 mmscf/d  
Skid Mounted TCI 4800 Rental Unit
capacity 10 mscf/d - 2 mmscf/d